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Get Ready for AFRIKAPRO 2024 Racing Series!

Dear Esteemed Pigeon Enthusiasts,

Prepare yourselves for the thrill of a lifetime as we unveil the grand spectacle — the AFRIKAPRO 2024 Racing Series is on the horizon, and your invitation to be part of this prestigious event awaits.

Envision a challenging journey spanning 4500km, where the best Fancier and Ace Pigeon of the Year will emerge triumphant. You, esteemed fanciers, are invited to join this odyssey of skill and resilience.

Why AFRIKAPRO 2024 is a Gateway to Excellence:

Equitable Grounds for All: AFRIKAPRO, fairness is paramount. Every participant stands on equal ground, showcasing the true essence of pigeon racing excellence.

Global Recognition: Partake in a global convergence of pigeon racing prowess. AFRIKAPRO stands as the focal point of international pigeon racing, uniting enthusiasts from around the world.

Grand Finale at Sun City: The climax of this extraordinary journey unfolds in the heart of South Africa — Sun City. Luxuriate in premier accommodations and engage in 103 leisure activities for an unforgettable experience.

Fancier of the Year, Ace Pigeon, and More: Anticipate the pinnacle of celebration at a formal Gala dinner, where the Fancier of the Year 2024, the Ace Pigeon 2024, and all Race Winners will be honored. It's not just a competition; it's a legacy in the making.


Single Bird Competition:

Showcase the prowess of your individual pigeons as they vie for 510 prizes across 10 races, including the Final Race, Sprint and Enduro Series, and the ACE Pigeon competition.

Entry Fee: $750 per pigeon, plus 4 reserve pigeons.

Full Team Competition:

Embark on the challenge as a world-class fancier, leading a team of 20 pigeons. Measure the performance of your pigeon genetics against the best in the world.

Entry Fee:$15,000 for a team of 20 pigeons.

Prepare to etch your name in pigeon racing history! Secure your spot in the AFRIKAPRO 2024 series today, and let this season be an unforgettable journey of triumph and legacy.

Witness your champions soar to new heights!

For inquiries and registration, please reach out to us!

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