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Race 11 Report

Race 11 took place today from Winburg, located 430 km south southwest of the AFRIKAPRO loft.

An absolute stunning windless day saw the birds liberated at 6:30, and today they shot off like tracer bullets in one pack. Along the route a very light west southwesterly wind helped them along up to Pretoria, from where a light northwesterly wind prevailed all the way home.

Today’s winning velocity of 1572 m/min is testament to the fact that the AFRIKAPRO pigeons are now in super health, fitness and form.

Winning honours today went to Knoetze Lofts Single with their single bird entry called “Lady Guinevere” - well done to Len from the Western Cape with this great win!

The first pack contained about 20 pigeons, and the Fancier of the Race today went to Willson, Kruger & Schlebusch - a hearty congratulations to Harry and friends!

Despite the fact that the velocity was on the faster side some big changes are notable on both the Black and Blue Jacket standings.

In the race for the Black Jacket, Team Hooymans BE overcame a 13 minute deficit to overtake Du Preez & Deetlefs, a as and now leads them by a slim 5 second margin. Congratulations Jan and the rest of the team in Belgium and Holland!

In fact, the gap between the first 25 teams is only slightly more than 30 minutes and today showed us all just how quickly a substantial lead can be whittled away on the longer distances.

On the Blue Jacket Rankings the same was true and we have a new leader called “Blue Sapphire” entered by the team of Olive Lofts & Lubomir Kubacek.

This stunning blue hen shot past last week’s leader “Bullit” and is now leading second placed “Gamebreaker Boss” from Lex Webster by just under 6 minutes. Well done to the team from Cape Town and the Czech Republic with this great performance!

The AFRIKAPRO team of pigeons again excelled in returning to the loft with more than 91% home at the time of writing this report.

Only 3 races remain and with the field tightly squeezed together it’s still anyones title to win! Indeed, very exciting times lie ahead in the next 24 days!

We want to make use of this opportunity to invite all our participants and the rest of the pigeon fraternity locally and abroad to join us for the basketing of the birds at the lofts on 12 October and more importantly, to attend the Final Race which will be broadcast in the Sun City Superbowl on the 14th of October 2023.

As always, good luck to everyone involved and keep watching as the excitement keeps rising!

To view the flying routes of the tracker pigeons on Race 11, please see the following:

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