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End to quarantine period

Dear Fancier,

We came to the end of our quarantine period for the last pigeons we received from Europe. We are happy to announce that all the test results were negative and that the quarantine has been lifted. We are very satisfied with the pigeon's health to date. The mortality rate for the 2023 season was less than 1% this year in the AFRIKAPRO loft.

Dr. Rob Conradie visited the loft weekly and was also very impressed with the overall health of all the pigeons. We believe good, healthy pigeons are the foundation for a successful racing season.

Currently all pigeons are enjoying an open loft, which is a crucial part of the homing phase. Once we are satisfied with the homing of all the pigeons, Ruan will start the training program for the 2023 season. We will have a total of 14 races, which include a sprint series of the first 8 races.

We will publish a loft list by the end of the week, together with your Fancier Portal where all participants are required to sign up. All participants will be able to view the status of their pigeons, insert pigeon names, and update their profiles.

Kindly find below the race program for the 2023 season.

Race 1 - 115km - 29 July

Race 2 - 130km - 31 July

Race 3 - 130km - 4 August

Race 4 - 150km - 8 August

Race 5 - 180km - 11 August

Race 6 - 200km - 17 August

Race 7 - 240km - 24 August

Race 8 - 300km - 31 August


Race 9 - 330km - 7 September

Race 10 - 380km - 14 September

Race 11 - 430km - 22 September

Race 12 - 480km - 29 September

Race 13 - 180km - 5 October

Race 14 - 600km - 14 October

Kind Regards,

Hendrik von Wielligh

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